1. Cannatonic. Day 1 and then day 7. What a difference a week makes.

    Rick Simpson Oil // Days 14, 15, and morning of 16 // Crohn’s Disease

    08.24.2013. 10:00am.

    I skipped a few days so let me do a quick recap :)

    • I’ve had some issues with what feels like food poisoning. I really, really don’t think it’s related to Crohn’s as all other Crohn’s signs are wonderful :)
    • This morning (8.24) I had a normal, firm BM. Last two days I’ve had diarrhea twice each day. Not at all like Crohn’s diarrhea. I think I just got a bug.
    • I’m not at a gram a day, but I have to be over half a gram now :)
    • K had her doctor appt a couple days ago. They found a lump in her breast and a mass in her pelvis. They did tests yesterday and the immediate image results of the breast scan didn’t look too concerning, according to a doctor who gave it a quick eye over. We find out her results next week. I’m sure this will mess with my treatment as Crohn’s is a stress related disease — but we’re both in good spirits, I think :)

    Finger crossings, good vibes, and prayers are all welcome for our little family. We are hopeful that we’re on the brink of positive health changes, so let’s not have any additional (negative) ones sneak up on us :)



  2. Cannatonic #1 — rooted and transplanted :)

    Rick Simpson Oil // Days 10-13 // Crohn’s Disease

    08.21.2013. 5:00pm.

    I skipped a few days so let me do a quick recap :)

    • I was a little concerned about a relapse with Crohn’s as I had some stomach issues from the 18th through the 20th (days 10-12) but I am now pretty sure I simply ate something off.
    • I am back to normal, healthy, firm stool — blood free, thankfully. 
    • I think I’m probably at just over half a gram a day? Tolerating it very well.
    • K has a doctor appointment in the morning with a specialist — so hopefully we’ll get answers for her issues soon.

    We aren’t going to know what to do with ourselves if we both end up being healthy soon!



  3. Rick Simpson Oil // Day 9 // Crohn’s Disease


    I had some slight signs of inflammation in my large intestine today. I had two BM’s and one had maybe 30% loose stool? But the second stool was firm and normal.

    Aside from that, day 9 of my RSO treatment was a success!



  4. Last minute cutting from a mid-way-thru-flowering cannatonic mom :)

    Rick Simpson Oil // Day 8 // Crohn’s Disease


    Broken record time. Doing wonderfully still :) Only additional things worth noting…

    • I’m now to the point where I can take 3 or 4 grains of rice size doses at once and function pretty normally during the day.
    • I think I’m hopefully a week or two at most from getting to a gram a day!

    That is all, internet :)



  5. Roots! Cannatonic cutting #1 :) This cutting’s DNA has been tested to produce buds with 15% CBD and 5% THC — so it’s a strain I want to live on.

    I hope to share cuttings as soon as I can spare some :)


  6. Rick Simpson Oil // Day 7 // Crohn’s Disease


    Day seven was like days one through six — better than the day that came before it :) 

    I have nothing to add other than I did two day time doses (grains of rice size) and one giant dollop — prob .3-.4 grams of RSO — when I went to sleep. 

    I am now beginning to get used to what living normal is like again.

    • Eating is still made much easier/more enjoyable by inhaling herbal marijuana — but I do not require it to get every meal down.
    • Laying on my stomach is becoming normal again — as is waking up without the painful need to expel a bunch of blood and diarrhea that had been festering in my open-sore’d large intestine all night.
    • I drink water constantly from the cotton mouth side effects of cannabis — a welcomed side effect as most people (especially ill people) can benefit quite significantly from drinking more water.
    • One (or two today) healthy, firm, blood free bowel movement(s) a day. 
    • I haven’t been experiencing much (if any?) chronic abdominal pain/cramping that I normally live with.

    Aside from that, I’ll simply restate the fact that I’m so thrilled with my progress here. I have no clue if this will lead to long lasting remission or if it will be my constant medication to keep the disease under control — but both are wonderful options compared to the options I had before :)



  7. Rick Simpson Oil // Day 6 // Crohn’s Disease


    To make this direct, I should probably just say “same as yesterday!" — but I have to add a few things :)

    I ate a couple more meals without smoking (or vaporizing) any weed. I also ate breakfast again. This week is the first in a year where I’ve eaten breakfast — and to do so without any cannabis is nuts.

    My tolerance is growing — but even the strength of the high… it’s very tolerable. It’s calming, relaxing, and very much so messes with my motor skills. I am not experiencing any severe panic or paranoia — something I have experienced from time to time with heavy doses of cannabis.

    One firm, blood free stool to report — nothing more :D

    I got two day time “grain-o-rice" size doses in me today. I’m steadily increasing my night time dose, as well. Tonight’s was bigger than last night’s — can’t wait to get to that gram a day point!



  8. Rick Simpson Oil // Day 5 // Crohn’s Disease

    8.13.2013. Woke up, once again, feeling healthier. K went to bed with a little less pain than before so I fell asleep much easier — and slept soundly. Waking up feeling refreshed is something I haven’t really felt much in the last couple years, so it was odd, yet wonderful, to feel that this morning.

    I had one BM a couple hours after waking up. Side note, it’s very odd not to have to run straight to the toilet the moment I wake :) Again, no blood, firm and the slightest appearance of mucus — a side effect from the inflammation that Crohn’s causes. It was another day where the “scale,” so to speak, is moving in the right direction! I am improving steadily each day — at only 5 days in.

    This plant is truly remarkable.

    The rest of the afternoon was wonderful. I broke a record today — I ate both breakfast and lunch without smoking any weed! This is not something that just happens for me. It’s a major sign of progression.

    I just took my night time dose and I believe it was around .3 grams — and this was after 3 small grain of rice size doses — so I’m hoping I got somewhere between a third and half a gram today? I hope I’m at a gram a day within two weeks.

    Love this stuff :)



  9. Rick Simpson Oil // Day 4 // Crohn’s Disease

    8.12.2013. I hate to sound like a broken record, but I’m coming along perfect. Today I had two BM’s — both by noon and both firm with no blood. This is so fascinating. 

    As gross as it sounds, I’ve been taking photos of my daily BM’s as it’s the best way to accurately document my (hopefully continued) progression. When it comes to inflammatory bowel diseases (like Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis), the proof is in the stool. If your firm with no blood for extended periods of time, these are the beginning signs of remission. So if I document 90 days of firm, blood free stool, that’ll mean something big :)

    K had a really rough day again. We celebrated one of our birthdays — or tried to — but she was just in too much pain. Fortunately, we had some painkillers that helped her in the afternoon so we ended up spending the afternoon at a rare, secluded SoCal beach. 

    I smoked no weed before we left. I brought none with me. For the last year, I’ve lived next to weed. I can’t go anywhere without it for more than an hour, or so. But today, I spent several hours away from any weed — hiked for an hour, in fact — and didn’t feel any need to control my symptoms through smoking. 

    I’m tolerating the oil much, much better now. I took 3 small doses throughout the day in addition to my large night time dose. Tonight’s night time dose was a big jump up in dosage. I’d guess that I took a third of a gram today? I think I’ll be on the gram dose within a couple weeks. If K was doing fine and didn’t need my help as often, I think I might have been at a gram a day by day 7 — or even by now.

    K has a doctor appt soon and I can’t help but feel like the last two years of hell with Crohn’s disease might be coming to an end. We had our lives nearly destroyed there — I’m so hopeful that we’re seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

    Thank you Rick Simpson. Thank you growers. Thank you to the person who made this available for me. Thank you to those of you who believe in and support this plant :)



  10. girl scout cookies // last day of flowering

    Rick Simpson Oil // Day 3 // Crohn’s disease

    08.11.12. I had another good day :) My body is definitely acclimating to the heavy sedation that the oil has. I took a couple smaller, grain of rice size doses yesterday and they didn’t trip me out too badly. I can tell that if I push it, I might be at a gram a day in a couple weeks.

    After my morning journal post, I had one more bowel movement. Again, no blood :) I felt a few stomach grumblings throughout the day — but still nothing to really be bothered with. 

    I took a grain of rice size dose in the evening (6pm) and then a large, M&M sized dollop on the end of my chopstick around 10pm. 

    So far, I am thoroughly enjoying my nearly 4 full days on this oil. Can’t wait to see where I’m at when I’ve got 30 days down — no less 60 or 90 :)



  11. Rick Simpson Oil // Day 3 // Crohn’s

    This is just a quick morning update :) I woke up feeling not as good — but that’s because I didn’t sleep as well last night due to my K’s health problems at the moment. She was in pain all night which makes it difficult to let go and sleep — as I want to be alert in case she needs anything.

    Even with that, I had one healthy, solid bowel movement this morning and zero desire to go more afterward (the norm for my Crohn’s). Most importantly, and the reason I’m in such a good mood, there wasn’t a spot of visible blood anywhere. Yesterday, after looking in the toilet closely (a normal, every day thing for me but I imagine that sounds disgusting haha :P), I saw one or two tiny spots of blood — and that was cause for excitement.

    Firm, blood free stool on day 3 is just insane. Fingers crossed K’s issues get better — perhaps she can get on the RSO program if it persists?




  12. Rick Simpson Oil // Day 2 // Crohn’s Disease

    Another night has passed — as has another dose of RSO! Last night, again, I slept solid as a rock. I never had a bowel movement yesterday — this going from having bloody diarrhea multiple times made for a wonderful, if not fairly sedated, yesterday :)

    I woke with none of my usual morning problems. Typically, my abdomen is swollen and I can’t put any pressure on it by laying on my stomach; but this morning none of that mattered. I also typically have to pee multiple times throughout the night because there just doesn’t seem to be any free space in my mid-section — so the full bladder crowds the intestines and keeps me wide awake. Both nights, last night and the night before, I didn’t have to get up to pee — and I awoke with no stomach pressure. It was wonderful!

    Once I got up, I still felt sedated — but completely rested. Same with yesterday. This is a very subjective claim, but I assure you that I don’t overstate how often I feel sleep deprived — no matter if I stayed in bed for 3, 6, 100, or 12 hours, it’s all the same. I wake up exhausted.

    K is currently experiencing some troubling medical complications — so today I had our son while she slept from about 11am to 5pm. Needless to say, I didn’t have time for my two normal doses of inhaled CBD oil. Normally, this would bring my body down and my crohn’s would start winning — but not today. I haven’t smoked weed at any point today — only had oil last night when I went to bed — and I had little to no problems playing full time dad and mom today. An easy thing for most, I admit; but this would normally be a decent challenge for me.

    I just took another dose — probably half an M&M size? I’m excited for what’s to come :)



  13. Saying both “goodbye" and "hello" to my Girl Scout Cookies last night :)



  14. Girl Scout Cookies // 7.6.2013

    Happy to have some fresh medicine but I’m going to miss walking past the lovely smell this plant had :)



  15. Rick Simpson Oil // Day 1 // Crohn’s Disease

    I started my first doses of RSO last night. The variety (or “strain”) is Tahoe OG. Tahoe OG has a reputation for being a major relaxant/sleep aid/sedative with high potential for helping pain, nausea, and those with any kind of wasting syndrome (like myself) — and I feel it held up its end of the bargain.

    I was home with the oil at 7pm yesterday. I know it’s suggested that people wait until bedtime to take their doses — but I was too curious about how strong this was and how capable/incapable I might be for the next month (while I build my tolerance to 1 gram a day). 

    Shortly after ingesting some oil — about the size of a grain of rice — I felt strong cotton mouth (one of the best side-effects of cannabis for me. Water absorption is a huge issue for active Crohn’s and I never struggled with getting water down once I started cannabis); so I figured it was kicking in. I was talking with my brother in law and mid conversation realized that the oil was coming on very strong. And at such a small dose (mixed with my fairly heavy use tolerance)!

    As night time drew closer, I took my actual bed time dose. A glob the size of an M&M, I’d say? 

    About an hour later, mid conversation, I started falling asleep. Sitting up. I laid down and slept like a sack of bricks. Having to deal with an often swollen large intestine, I am no longer able to sleep for any real amount of time on my stomach. Not last night.

    I woke up once, if I remember correctly, and had such intense cotton mouth that when I swallowed, it almost felt like I couldn’t breathe! Definitely important to have TONS of water around :)

    I woke up in the same position I fell asleep in — something that never happens. And when I woke up, I laid in bed longer — on my stomach. No pressure. The day before, I dealt with bloody diarrhea about 10 times — most of which takes place in the first half of the day. It’s 6pm — 23 hours later — and I have had no stomach pains/grumbles and have dealt with zero bloody diarrhea. 

    So after my first day, I am pretty amazed. How is it that a plant can stop my immune system from attacking my intestines until the lining break and bleeds?! I’m just amazed with this plant.

    Can’t wait to see where I am in a week!