1. Cannatonic. Day 1 and then day 7. What a difference a week makes.

    Rick Simpson Oil // Days 14, 15, and morning of 16 // Crohn’s Disease

    08.24.2013. 10:00am.

    I skipped a few days so let me do a quick recap :)

    • I’ve had some issues with what feels like food poisoning. I really, really don’t think it’s related to Crohn’s as all other Crohn’s signs are wonderful :)
    • This morning (8.24) I had a normal, firm BM. Last two days I’ve had diarrhea twice each day. Not at all like Crohn’s diarrhea. I think I just got a bug.
    • I’m not at a gram a day, but I have to be over half a gram now :)
    • K had her doctor appt a couple days ago. They found a lump in her breast and a mass in her pelvis. They did tests yesterday and the immediate image results of the breast scan didn’t look too concerning, according to a doctor who gave it a quick eye over. We find out her results next week. I’m sure this will mess with my treatment as Crohn’s is a stress related disease — but we’re both in good spirits, I think :)

    Finger crossings, good vibes, and prayers are all welcome for our little family. We are hopeful that we’re on the brink of positive health changes, so let’s not have any additional (negative) ones sneak up on us :)


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    Cropping my plant in the next few weeks
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    Cannatonic. Day 1 and then day 7. What a difference a week makes. Rick Simpson Oil // Days 14, 15, and morning of 16 //...
  16. foreverglow said: you’re awesome and inspiring! keep it up! not only are you saving your self, but a lot of others as well! <3 Bless You
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